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NSP Scholarship

Track NSP Scholarship 2023 Payment And Amount



Track NSP Scholarship 2023 Payment And Amount

NSP Scholarship 2023 Payment Scholarships can be of great help to students who are struggling financially but are also academically capable. The NSP Scholarship 2023 is an excellent opportunity for students to receive financial aid.

NSP Scholarship 2023 tracking can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not familiar with it. We will provide you with all the essential tips and tricks for tracking the NSP Scholarship 2023 in this article.

Track NSP Scholarship 2023 Payment And Amount

PFMS does not initiate payments, as it only processes requests from the NSP Portal. Therefore, applicants should verify their scholarship application on the NSP Portal. The application will automatically be forwarded to PFMS for payment processing after it has been verified on the NSP Portal.

The NSP Portal, however, does not allow students to check the status, date, or time of their payments. You can only access this information through the PFMS portal. On the NSP Portal, students can only view their Scholarship Application Status to see if their application has been verified. Candidate can find further information by clicking on the links below.

How to check NSP Payment?

You can check your NSP Payment Status by following a few steps. The NSP Payment is available to all students who meet the eligibility criteria, and their applications are verified at all levels. You can check the status by following these steps:–


First of all, the candidate need to visit the official website of PFMS.


The official PFMS page will appear on your screen, find the option “Track NSP Payment ”.

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Fill the required fields, I. E; Your Bank Name, Bank Account Number, Captcha.


A new page will appear on the screen, where you can check the status of all NSP payments.


Take Screenshot Or Save as PDF for future use.


Scholarship applicants should be aware of the relationship between NSP and PFMS. NSP Portal verifies scholarship applications, but PFMS processes payment requests. Applicants must verify their applications on the NSP Portal before sending them to PFMS for payment processing.

Payment status and details can only be accessed through the PFMS portal. Scholarship applicants can ensure a smooth and successful scholarship application process by understanding this process and utilizing both portals effectively.

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NSP Scholarship

NSP Scholarship 2023 Name Matched As Per NSP Rules




NSP Scholarship 2023 Name Matched As Per NSP Rules

Several families may face difficulties financing their children’s education, but there are programs that provide assistance. The National Scholarship Portal (NSP) is one of them. For students seeking scholarships for the academic year 2022-23, the NSP is an essential resource. This article contains the latest update released by the National Scholarship Portal, so read it carefully.

NSP Scholarship Portal

NSP Scholarships provide financial aid to students who are struggling to pay tuition fees or come from low-income families. Along with providing financial assistance, this program encourages students to pursue their education and fulfill their dreams.

NSP Scholarship Overview 2023

NSP Full Form National Scholarship Portal
Credited once per year
Amount to be credited depends on your educational qualification, category
Article About NSP Status
official Website

NSP Account Validated Means

Registration for the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) requires establishing ownership of the account. The verification of your account confirms your identity, and your account is now active.

Validation ensures that only eligible students can apply for scholarships and receive financial assistance. To validate your account, you’ll need to provide your full name, birth date, and contact information. Moreover, you will have to provide supporting documentation to demonstrate your eligibility.

This process prevents the creation of duplicate accounts and ensures scholarships are awarded to deserving students. The NSP can verify the student’s identity by validating his or her account and provide scholarships to those who qualify.

Applicant’s Name Matched As Per NSP Rules

When entering the student’s name, it is important to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the National Scholarship Portal (NSP). NSP applicants must follow specific rules when entering their names on the portal. The guidelines include using only letters and avoiding special characters and prefixes and suffixes.

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Moreover, the NSP requires that student names on the portal match those on their Aadhaar cards. These guidelines must be followed and the name entered on the portal must match the name on the Aadhaar card to avoid confusion and ensure scholarships reach the rightful recipients.

How to check Account Validation and Name Matching

Following are the steps you can take to ensure that your NSP account is valid and that your name adheres to their guidelines:

  1. Visit the NSP website from your browser. We have updated link below.
  2. To log into the NSP, enter your login details, such as your application number.
  3. Now, there you can check your status.
  4. Your application may be on the merit list if you see that your account is validated and your name matches the NSP guidelines.


Why is account validation important on the NSP?

Validating accounts ensures that duplicate accounts do not exist, and scholarships are awarded to the right students.

Why is name matching important on the NSP?

A name match ensures that scholarships are awarded to the right students and avoids any confusion.

What happens if the student’s name does not match the NSP guidelines or their Aadhaar card?

This may indicate a rejection of the scholarship application or a delay in crediting the scholarship.

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NSP Scholarship

Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship For Students




Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship For Students

Maharashtra’s Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance has introduced the Post-Matric Scholarship for SC Students 2022-23. The objective of this initiative is to provide financial assistance to SC/Neo Buddhist students from Maharashtra who have successfully completed Class 10.

Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship For Students

In this program, assistance is provided to students in need and dropout rates are addressed. Students selected for this scholarship will receive a monthly maintenance allowance along with other benefits for a period of 10 months.

Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, an applicant must 

  • be a resident of Maharashtra
  • Belong to a Scheduled Caste (SC) or Neo Buddhist group
  • have completed SSC or equivalent matric
  • be pursuing studies at the post-matric level
  • The parents’ or guardians’ annual income is less than or equal to INR 2.5 lakh

Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship Benefits

The selected fellows will receive the benefits as under 

Maintenance allowances are provided monthly for up to 10 months as per Group I, Group II, Group III, and Group IV.

For Day Scholars:

  • Group I – INR 550 per month
  • Group II – INR 530 per month
  • Group III – INR 300 per month
  • Group IV – INR 230 per month

For Hosteller:

  • Group I – INR 1200 per month
  • Group II – INR 820 per month
  • Group III – INR 570 per month
  • Group IV – INR 380 per month
  1. A monthly allowance of up to INR 150 is available for SC students with disabilities.
  2. A transport allowance of INR 100 will be provided to students living outside of a hostel’s campus.
  3. All mandatory fees/compulsory payable fees by the student to the institutes are also covered under this scheme, including tuition fees, examination fees, and other fees.
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Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship Documents

  • Income certificate (Issued by Tahsildar)
  • Caste certificate
  • Marksheet for last appeared examination
  • Marksheet for SSC or HSC
  • Father’s income certificate (if required)
  • Gap & self declaration(if required)
  • Hostel certificate (if required)
  • Husband’s income certificate(if the girl is married)

How can you apply for Government Of India Post-Matric Scholarship?

Eligible candidates can apply for the scholarship through the following steps:

Step 1:

Click on the ‘Apply Now‘ button below.

Step 2:

Click on ‘New Applicant Registration’.

Step 3:

Fill in all required details, verify the email and the phone number.

Step 4:

Complete the Aadhaar authentication process either through OTP or biometric.

Step 5:

If candidates opt for OTP authentication, they will receive an OTP on their registered mobile number.

Step 6:

Complete the registration process by filling in all the required details.

Step 7:

Log in using the username and password.

Step 8:

Complete the scholarship application, upload necessary documents and submit

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NSP Scholarship

NSP Scholarship Selection List 2023 State Wise PDF Check Your Name




NSP Scholarship Selection List 2023 State Wise PDF Check Your Name

The National Scholarship Portal provides hope for individuals pursuing academic courses across the country. A pre-matriculating and post-matriculating scholarship program is available to families living in poverty.

Through this scheme, the central government provides financial assistance to poor students across the country to pursue their education. Candidates from different classes receive financial aid to pursue their education through the scholarship portal.

NSP Scholarship Selection List 2023 State Wise PDF Check Your Name

Also, the portal provides students with a platform for checking their application status and resolving scholarship-related issues. Students can contact the scholarship portal directly for assistance, and the portal has provided support over the phone to numerous students.

The NSP updates its scholarship eligibility list regularly. The NSP scholarship list of selected candidates is provided in this article in full. Please read below for complete information.

NSP Selection List 2023

Organization Ministry of Education
Category NSP Selection List 2023
Session 2022-23
Payment Process Started
Eligible Boys/ Girls
Apply Mode Online
Payment Mode Adhaar Based

NSP Scholarship 2023

National Scholarship session 2022-23 candidates have not yet received their scholarship amounts. The majority of NSP scholarship recipients received their payments in February 2023, but lakhs of students have yet to receive their payments. Students’ scholarship applications are verified multiple times by the NSP.

The NSP payment status must be checked regularly by each candidate who applied for NSP payment in order to verify their scholarship application. The name of a candidate on the rejected list will be added if they do not verify their scholarship application.

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The list of rejected candidates released by NSP has already been provided. Search for “NSP Rejected List” in the search bar above to find the rejected list. The National Scholarship Program has now released the list of selected candidates. The names of the candidates in the “NSP Selection List” will receive NSP payments within 15-20 days. For more information, scroll down this article.

NSP Verifications 2023

Each year, NSP scholarships can be applied for online through the NSP portal. The NSP scholarship application portal is the only way for eligible candidates to apply for NSP scholarships online. It is, however, not easy to obtain an NSP scholarship.

Candidates must provide academic documents, proof of family income, academic fee receipts, photographs, ration cards, identity proofs, and self-declarations. The NSP portal does not verify applications on its own.

A candidate must submit a physical copy of his or her application along with the aforementioned documents to their respective institution after submitting an online application on the NSP portal. The institution verifies the candidate’s scholarship application and sends it to the district nodal officer for further verification.

After the district nodal officer verifies the scholarship application, the state nodal officer verifies it. The scholarship application is sent to PFMS for payment after it has been verified by the state. The NSP Scholarship will not be awarded to any candidate whose application is rejected or marked as defective at any stage of the verification process.

NSP Rejected List 2023

NSP regularly verifies applications from students. When an application is found to be missing or incorrect, it is sent to the NSP Rejected List. Being placed on the NSP Rejected List does not mean that a candidate will not receive the NSP Scholarship.

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An NSP rejection is accompanied by a specific reason. Applicants are asked to resolve the rejection reason and submit the application again. A candidate will be enrolled in the NSP Selection List if they fix the issue and submit their application on time.

How to Check NSP Selection List 2023

Candidates who have applied for the NSP Scholarship may be eagerly awaiting their payment. Nevertheless, they may not have checked whether they have been selected for NSP payments. Please follow the steps below to check:

Step 1:

First, visit the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) website or click on the link below.

Step 2:

Select if you are applying for a new scholarship or a scholarship renewal on the homepage. Please choose your login carefully.

Step 3:

Ensure that your application has been verified and sent to PFMS for payment by entering the required credentials.

Step 4:

After checking the NSP Portal, visit the Public Finance Management Service (PFMS).

Step 5:

You can track NSP payments on the homepage by clicking on “Track NSP Payments”.

Step 6:

When a payment number is generated for you, you have been selected for the NSP scholarship 2023. It is likely that you will receive your NSP payment within 10-15 days.

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